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I literally cried after opening my son's test scores. Then I called my husband who cried in a Board of Directors meeting. Thank you so much for guiding our son through this phase. You really were the ideal person to do it and he was so lucky to have you, as were we. You did such an amazing thing here. Not just for this test, but for our son as a person.

SSAT & ISEE Student

You are changing our son's life. His grades have gone from C's and D's to straight A's. He has never been this motivated, his vocabulary is maturing, his math skills are at an honors level. He's using the calendar you recommended and starting to stay organized and focused on his own initiative. Thank you for all the help!

Middle School - Math, English, Science, History

Dan was incredibly organized, focused, and his teaching approach was amazing. He encouraged my daughter embrace her strengths and trust her instincts. He inspired her to work harder, read more, and explore beyond her current knowledge and comfort zone. It's amazing how much was done in this time.

SAT Student

Thank you so much for your comments. Once again, they are extremely helpful. I hope to continue thinking and learning about the political and philosophical aspects of Economics. Your guidance has furthered my passion for such topics, and I plan on reading the books you recommend. Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it.

Economics Student

You never told me we would need Kleenex for your post-session emails! It is amazing to hear all this. Between his motivation and your encouragement, I'm optimistic. You're right - he is more capable than he realizes.


I don't know exactly how to express it, but we were so fortunate to have Dan as my daughter's tutor. They really 'clicked', but I can't believe that anyone would not. Dan is one of the most intelligent and gracious people I've met, with very broad and deep knowledge of math and literature, not to mention a pedagogical gift.

SAT Student

Wow, such comprehensive notes and what a great report. Thank you!! Our son has enormous strengths and I'm so glad you see them. Academics come harder for him, but he really wants to succeed. This is an awesome beginning. I'm thrilled things are coming along so productively and positively.

ACT Student

WOW!!! You are an amazing teacher!! Thank you tons!! Our son loves the Finance tutorials. When he finishes this summer, can I book sessions with you for myself??

Finance Student

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