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Born and raised in New York, Daniel attended college at The University of Virginia, where he graduated with High Distinction from the Modern Studies Honors Program. After college, he spent a year in Shanghai, China studying Mandarin and teaching English on a PRC sponsored Fellowship Program.

Inspired by the economic development unfolding before his eyes, Daniel returned to the States to complete a Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Behavioral Economics, followed by four years of work on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley. As a member of the Asset Liquidity Management (ALM) division, Daniel helped manage the firm's full North American portfolio of $150 billion in inventory with products spanning Equity, Fixed Income, and Derivatives. He was also responsible for the firm's Federal Reserve Lockup Account and developed new training programs.

Upon receiving a scholarship to Business School, Daniel said farewell to Wall Street to pursue a Masters in Finance at Durham University in the UK, where he was honored to graduate as Valedictorian, ranked 1st out of 400 students. His Master's Thesis explored the rise and fall of market manias, panics, and crashes, focusing especially on the tech-driven bull market of 2010-2020. Daniel returned to the States where he reconnected with his academic roots and his passion for education. He continues to consult for private businesses on the side in areas of finance, strategy, innovation, and project management.


Outside of work and the classroom, Daniel enjoys traveling and exploring all that the world has to offer. Hobbies include reading (fiction & nonfiction), creative writing, theater, movies, and Netflix/HBO television series. He enjoys hiking and running half-marathons; is decent on the ski slopes; and terrible on the surf board. While not to be trusted in the kitchen, he's happy to keep a chef entertained with a bottle of red wine and rich conversation.